Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Imported Beer.

Girl working in liquor store tonight: "Do you need help with anything?"
Me: Looking at beer I hadn't seen before with Mt. Rushmore on the box... "Have you had this?"
Girl: Walks around the counter and looks at the box... "It's a pale ale. It tastes a little different though."
Me: Weird answer... "Oh?"
Girl: "Yeah, because it's imported."
Me: Judging by the box I'm thinking to myself that it's definitely not imported... "It's imported? Where from?"
Girl: "India."
That's when I realize that she's saying that because it's an India Pale Ale... brewed in California. She thinks it's actually from India. At least the box is cool. Win.

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Ryan Grimaldi said...

She should have answered "Nope, haven't had it."

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