Sunday, October 9, 2011

Arctic Valley

I decided last night that I wanted to wake up and go on a hike today. After making some coffee and breakfast I drove up to Arctic Valley, just a few minutes north of Anchorage. It was foggy in the city, but once I got away from downtown, it was sunny and clear. Amazing weather, beautiful views. Denali was out. My goal was to hike to the top of Mt. Gordon Lyons, which I eventually found, but on a much harder route than necessary. I started off in the wrong direction from the start and pretty much made my own trail up. coming down I was able to follow the real trail, which was a lot easier. It was a short hike, probably 4.5 miles total. I went clockwise on the route below starting at the bottom.

My apartment gets great sunsets. I took a walk down the block tonight to snap a couple photos.

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