Monday, September 5, 2011

Jackson to Alaska

My father flew to town last Sunday. We spent a couple days sightseeing and packing up my life in a uhaul and trailer for the benz.

On Wednesday morning, we departed from Jackson on the 2,839 mile drive.

Day 1: Jackson, Wyoming to Calgary, Alberta
Day 2: Calgary to Fort St. John, British Columbia
Day 3: Fort St. John to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory
Day 4: Watson Lake to Palmer, Alaska

During the drive, we saw a mom and baby sheep, a couple dozen bison, a caribou, five black bears, and a handfull of swans- almost entirely on day 3.

The most expensive gas was in Coal Creek, BC. After some conversions, it turned out to be $6.619/gal.

We tried to order some turkey from the deli of a grocery store. We asked for half a pound. The woman asked us how many grams. Oh... yeah... we're in Canada.

I should have brought a sign for Watson Lake, but didn't remember before leaving Jackson. Second time I've passed through without one. Maybe next time...

We passed two highway patrol cars during our entire trip through Canada ~2000 miles.

I thought it was kind of cool that the US/CA border when crossing into Alaska is actually clear-cut. You can see it going over the hills in the distance.

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