Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SW2011 Preview

Mel and I left Jackson about two weeks ago on another Southwest adventure. We spent the first week on the road going through Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, The Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Joshua Tree National Park, and finally San Diego, where we've been since. Throughout the drive down, we were keeping to a pretty tight budget... cooking our own food and camping primarily on BLM land.

Since getting to San Diego, we've been keeping very busy. We went out to the bars in PB, Downtown and North Park, went sailing out in the bay over the weekend, attempted to go snorkeling/got crushed by waves, spent an afternoon at the beach, drove inland to Julian for some exploration time and as far north up the coast as Carlsbad, had a bonfire at Mission Bay, and started running again. I'm hoping to continue running on a regular basis. Maybe I can actually be in decent shape for Mt. Marathon this summer... I've been telling myself that for years now.

Mel left SD for Tahoe this morning to visit friends and family. I'm sticking around for a little longer and headed to Mexico for the weekend. We will both be back in Jackson in about a week.

This is just a small preview of our trip so far- selected still frame shots from the GoPro HD video camera. So far we have about 600 video clips... 14 GB of disk space with videos alone! This doesn't even include the 400+ photos on my Pentax, Mel's photos, or the entire next week of the trip... expect much more media in the coming weeks and eventually a video edit once we have the time to go through everything.

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