Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SW2011 Part 4: SAN DIEGO

Mel and I arrived in San Diego on Cinco De Mayo. We decided a proper entrance would be having homemade guacamole, chicken tacos, and coronas ready for when the guys got home from work. We had a fun night night out in Pacific Beach.

We spent plenty of time exploring the area- driving up Mount Soledad, checking out La Jolla Cove, walking along PB, checking out the SD Zoo, sightseeing along the coast north as far as Oceanside, and driving out to Julian where we picked up some fresh fruits and veggies and checked out the Stonewall Mine. We also spent time with the guys sailing around the bay to Coronado, going to a beer festival and Padres game, attempting to snorkel, and having a BBQ and bonfire at Mission Bay Park.

I didn't do a great job at keeping up on photos while in San Diego so I'll post some of Mel's pictures from the San Diego Zoo and exploring.

COMING NEXT: SW2011 Part 5: Baja


Clinton, The Queen said...

Where is the Benz???????????

Kerry said...

The Benz is still alive and well! Although it does makes me a little nervous driving it that far from home these days. Plus, diesel is getting pretty expensive...

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