Monday, January 10, 2011

Cody Peak

Hiked up Cody Peak for the first time this season with Mel and Erich last week... on the snowboard. Due to boot pain and what looks like a bone spur starting to form, I've been snowboarding entirely since Christmas to give my feet a break. While I want to be getting after it on my skis, it's not worth it to injure myself this early in the season. And on another note, I'm amazed at how quickly I'm getting better at snowboarding. A few weeks back, I wouldn't leave the groomers. Now, I'm loving off-trail, powder days, and I'm even starting to spin off jumps. I wanted to get better at riding this winter, and I guess consistency is what does it. Hopefully I'll be back on the skis soon!

The day we hiked Cody was cold. It was around 5 degrees with probably 40+ mph wind blowing. I expected some wind loaded snow for the ride down, but instead it was wind blown crust with patchy pockets of soft snow. Definitely not ideal, but fun either way.

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