Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gear Review: Full Tilt Bumble Bee Pro Boots

I guess this review is practically obsolete now, but whatever. I just picked up a pair of the FT Hot Dogger thanks to Josh Malczyk with FT/Line Skis. From what I understand, they are the same shell and same flex tongue as my old Bumble Bee Pro. The footbed material might be different, I'm not positive. They are still in the box, going to start breaking them in once the lifts start running. I'll post up a review on the Hot Dogger later in the season.

Back to the Bumble Bee Pro- Two years ago when I picked up my first pair, I felt pretty unsure about them. My doubts were proven wrong, and quick at that. It took me several weeks to get them dialed in- foot beds, liners, etc... anything that a new boot typically needs. Once I got them fitting right, they were solid. The full tilts are a light weight boot with a smooth, even flex. And on top of that, they're comfy. Comfortable, secure feet are key to riding 125 days in a season. I don't plan on riding anything but Full Tilts anytime soon.

Again, I just picked up a pair of the Full Tilt Hot Dogger. I'll be riding those as soon as the lifts start spinning. Will be reviewing soon. In the meantime, check out the new line at

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