Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Activities

Before the snow storm last week, I had been getting after it with some great fall mountain bike rides and hikes since returning to Jackson. Here are some photos/map images from a couple weeks back.

I had been meaning to do the Cache to Game Creek ride for a long time. Finally got around to doing it with Mel and Mike. A few days later, Mike and I did Farrin's to West Game Creek. Both were great rides. Cache to Game had a much more rewarding downhill, but Farrin's to Game Creek had some pretty amazing views. Farrin's trail was a continuous time until we were on the Snow King Saddle. It was hard and riding the big, heavy Kona didn't make it any easier. My bike is not meant to ride uphill. It was about 10 miles total. We cheated and left a car at Game Creek instead of riding back to town along 89.

I went on a solo hike to Goodwin Lake not long after. It's another hike I've been meaning to do. Somehow I always get caught up doing the same activities in the same places around here. I need to get better about exploring and finding new places to go. It was about six miles round trip and very peaceful.

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