Friday, October 22, 2010

Southwest Roadtrip - Part 2

I woke up on little sleep after a night out to start cooking breakfast. Eggs, potatoes, bacon, toast. Can't go wrong with that. The Crew for the weekend was my buddy Ryan, and his two roommates Brett and Mark.

Ryan went to get insurance for Mexico and we continued to pack the car. We had to stop in Imperial Beach to find Mark a wetsuit, so we didn't get on the road as early as we would have liked, but early enough.

Crossing the border into Tijuana took a while. Lots of honking and aggressive driving. Once at the border there were no questions, no passports, just drive right through. Tijuana was crazy and very run-down along the highway. Poverty was obvious. Very dirty.

We traveled South towards Ensenada along the coast. The coastal land was fairly empty which I thought was awesome. Cool views, but slightly overcast. The ocean looked amazing.

Once in Ensenada, we stopped to exchange money and pick up groceries for the weekend. You could tell that there was a military presence in the area. We passed a pickup truck with four military guys in the bed, probably in their teens, all holding assault rifles and ready to use them. Soon after leaving Ensenada, we passed through a military checkpoint.

After a couple hours of driving we veered back towards the coast down a long gravel road to Punta China. It was very remote. The waves weren't great, so we collected firewood and set up camp for the night. Dinner was carne asada tacos. The sunset was amazing.

There were storms in the distance, we could see lighting all night long, but it never got close enough that we could hear the thunder.

The next morning we decided to head further south. We got back out to the main highway and headed East of Santo Tomas and through a tiny town of Ejido Erendira. We were back at the coast. We headed North along the coast until we reached Punta Cabras... well, almost. We got a flat tire about a half mile from our destination. We could see it.

This is when we realized that our spare tire was also flat. Ryan and Brett started walking for help while Mark and I kept an eye on the car and our possessions. An older guy in a pickup came by eventually and brought us back a small air compressor. We inflated the spare so that Ryan and Brett were able to drive the car back to Ejido Erendira to get the tire patched. The whole ordeal took about three hours. Mark and I killed time napping and playing soccer.

Finally at the beach, we were ready to surf. It was my first attempt surfing. The waves here weren't very big, but they had power behind them. I was getting beat up just trying to make it out past the break. Over the next day, we went out three times. Each time was a little easier. I couldn't believe how exhausting it was on my core, shoulders, and arms.

The evening was clear. We flew my kite, cooked some dinner, and sat around the fire into the night. We slept on the beach.  It was incredible to see the stars with absolutely no light pollution.

Sunday was Ryan's birthday, three days after mine. We went out for our last Baja surf session in the morning. I got one good, long ride in. It felt good. I think surfing could be fun with some more practice.

Unfortunately, we got a second flat on our drive out, not far from where we got the first. Luckily, we threw the spare on and could head right to the shop this time. First time was an old knife blade, this time a nail. Awesome.

The drive home was pretty uneventful. Everyone was exhausted. Once in Ensenada, we drove inland to pass through wine country. There was a lot of road construction with what seemed like completely random paved/unpaved sections. We hit the border at Tecate and were soon back in California.

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