Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week four: the final week on the road

The last week of our trip was spent almost entirely in California. After leaving San Diego, we spent a day in Los Angeles. We made our way up Highway 1, camping in Santa Cruz and Bodega Bay, made a quick stop in Sonoma (where we were very close to running out of gas), and then headed home to Jackson.

[ Our last night in La Jolla started out with Gin and Tonics by the pool... ]

[ Oz ]

[ Ford ]

[ Mamie ]

[ Apparently this was where split pea soup was started ]

[ Style ]

[ Sea lions ]

[ View from the coolest campsite ever ]

[ Highway 1 ]

[ We bought ten grapefruits and a basket of strawberries for $2.50 ]

[ Santa Cruz ]

[ Quick stop in San Francisco ]

[ Muir Woods ]

[ Banana Slug ]

[ We arrived in Bodega Bay just in time for sunset ]

[ Highway 1 before heading inland to wine country ]

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Stefan Desis said...

I tried to drag F to New York City, but it wouldn't let me....

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