Friday, March 5, 2010

March is here

It's hard to believe, but February has come and gone and March is here. Overall, Jackson has been warm and sunny lately. It really feels like spring. Today it is snowing, but I am stuck at a coffee shop in town studying for my exam this afternoon. It's hard to hold myself back from skiing, but knowing that my college career is almost over is enough motivation.

Last week was Powder Week here at Jackson. Powder Magazine, a bunch of ski companies, and a couple dozen athletes were here to check out and ride next year's boards. Some of the new models looked amazing. Rocker and early rise are no doubt sticking around and are not only featured on powder skis, but now on a number of all-mountain style skis. Definitely looking forward to getting out on some of the new gear.

At the end of last week, I did some more exploring in Granite with Djamal and Alex. We went back to the C-Chute area and located some sick pillow lines for the future. Probably need a little more snow to hit most of the lines, but they're waiting for us. I took some photos on the old point and shoot... they will come soon.

[ One thing about spring- you can't beat relaxing in the sun at Casper with a PBR! ]

With all the warm spring weather, I've started to think about bike season. I'm not ready for winter to be over, but I'm definitely looking forward to hitting the downhill trails in Teton Pass. BBQ's sound nice too.

This is more crashing than stoke... but bring it on!

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