Thursday, December 31, 2009

A glance at 2009

I can't believe it, but 2009 is over. The last year has been great. I picked out some photos from the year. Most are probably repeats, but I like them. This year is going out with a bang...

What's the plan for 2010? First and far most important, finishing my engineering degree. I need to get that off my back... I should be done in May. If the benz doesn't give out on me, I plan on chasing some snow this winter. I'd like to make it back to Utah and Tahoe and maybe up to Montana and where ever else the snow takes me. Hopefully a road trip and heli skiing home in AK in April. Last and definitely not least, I'd like to win the lottery.

Bring on 2010!

[ Starting off 2009 right. ]

[ This is how we do it in Alaska. ]

 [ Snow. Lots of snow. ]

 [ Posing on $28,000 geese statues. ]

 [ Jackson Hole backcountry. Can't wait for it to fill in this season... ]

[ Phil ripping Pinedale Canyon. ]

[ Sunrise ski on Glory. ]

[ Julie in Granite Canyon. ]

[ Break neck. ]

[ This is how we bought our RV. We do it for America. ] 

 [ Jake posing with the Benz... and the Tatsvan. ]

[ Touring Coal Creek with Jacki in the Spring. ]

[ Purser during a spring booter-sesh in Teton Pass. ]

 [ Late-night skate sesh. ]

[ Tahoe. ]

[ San Francisco... probably my favorite city. ]

[ Wine Country. ]

[ Country music and muddin'. ]

[ My summer life. ]

[ This is where I live. ] 

 [ Summertime and the livin's easy. ]

[ Gros Ventre fires. ]

 [ First ski of the 09/10 season. ]

 [ View from my road in Alaska. ]

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