Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Earth Recon Mission

This morning it was -10F outside, so no work today. I wasted a little time playing around on google earth. I decided to check out a place that I want to ski this spring if I make it up to AK. I've been to the area a number of times in the summer, but never to ski. It would take a solid day to tour in, but once out there, there would be countless lines to hike and ski.

I was looking around for a while before noticing that the little lines I was seeing were actually ski tracks! With a closer look, I realized that there were tracks all over the place and I could even see avalanche debris. Mission Accomplished!

Can anyone recognize the "location"?

[ Full view of the "location" ]

[ First tracks I noticed - center of the first image (looking back) ]

[ More tracks and some avy debris - just out of frame to the left of the first image ]

[ Even more tracks, and a skin track going up the ridge to skiers right - just out of frame to the right of the first image ]

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