Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Winter Park

I met up with Joe on Sunday in Winter Park. He drove up from Del Rio, Texas. Our trip had some bumps, but I think we made the most of it. As it turned out, lifts are only running on weekends now (we failed to research that), so we hiked laps and hitched up in the resort trucks. We still got some good laps in.

We spent Sunday evening and Monday at Winter Park riding and playing on the features. It was nice to have the place to ourselves.

My fork was having issues and ceased up on Monday. I stopped in a shop to get it looked at. Hopefully it's just an oil leak and needs new seals, but I need to get someone to take a closer look at it.

On Tuesday, we went up to ride some trails in the National Forest. It was an incredible area, but is being taken over by beetle kill. The ride was low key, but good.

I ended up driving home after lunch on Tuesday; a day early due to being sick. I just felt like I had no energy. I plugged my laptop into my auxillary port on the stereo and had it shuffle itunes for seven of the eight hours before it ran out of battery. Definitely beats digging through cds or repeats on the ipod.

I passed through several thunderstorms on the drive home. Some of them were crazy. After filling up on gas in Rock Springs, there was an incredible deep orange sunset. You could see streaks of ran coming down from clouds in front of the sunset along with bolts of lightning. Amazing.

Thankfully, my car didn't give me any surprises, but I may need to get it checked out still. A couple lights seem to randomly turn on and my engine temperature was running about 10 degrees cooler for the last hour. Wondering if the gauge is messed up. Strange.

I think we made the most out of the few days in Colorado. Joe and I definitely got some sick riding in.

[ Colorado ]

[ Loading the bikes ]

[ The Alaskan vehicles ]

[ 80 degree rock ride to complete spiral bridge to 20 foot drop/trail gap = insane ]

[ Joe ]

[ Wall ride ]

[ Wall ride ]

[ Dirt jumps ]

[ Jump sessions ]

[ No-footer ]

[ Top of the world ]

[ Second wall ride ]

[ Pointing ]

[ Hiking back up ]

[ Scoping bridge-rock-bridge ]

[ Done. ]

[ Lay it out ]

[ Looked like fall in Willow Creek Pass ]

[ Lightning storms and rainbows ]


Anonymous said...

Just surfing blogspot, never knew bike trails like this existed. You're definitely living the life.

Kerry said...

Glad you liked the photos. Thanks for checking it out!

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