Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last weekend in September

Last night we had a bbq that turned into a late night bike ride to the bars. It was fun to have friends over.

Today was the last day the tram is open until ski season starts. Alex, Sara, and I took the tram up and hiked up to the top of Cody Peak and then back towards No Name Peak. It was crazy to see the terrain we ski in the winter with no snow.

[ The evening was quiet... to start with ]

[ Starting the grill ]

[ Whatever ]

[ Cody Peak ]

[ Billy goating ]

[ Working our way onto Cody ridge ]

[ Puckerface- it's hard to believe we ski it in the winter ]

[ The valley ]

[ Checking out North Shore ]

[ Looking towards No Name Peak ]


vegemiteistheshit said...

what an amazing landscape...where abouts?

Kerry said...

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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