Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodbye Taunto

This morning we said goodbye to Taunto. After four months and a lot of work, we decided we were ready to let it go. We've spent the last few weeks struggling to keep Taunto running. I'm sure it's probably an easy fix, but we don't have the motivation, money, or location to really put any effort into it anymore.

With little luck trying to sell it or even give it away with such short notice, we handed the keys and title over to Sheriff Chad and voluntarily had it impounded to avoid huge towing fees or parking tickets.

[ Taunto spent the month of July with front row seats at the Elk Refuge ]

[ Morning on the Elk Refuge - This is how early I wake up for work ]

[ Taunto's final resting place in front of the Tetons - soon to be impounded ]

[ One last walk through ]

[ Goodbye Taunto! ]

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Dana said...

Goodbye Taunto. May you rest in peace in the impound lot. Taunto will be missed! I will think back fondly of the cold nights with PBR and cards in Taunto!

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