Monday, July 13, 2009

Night Photos

Last night around midnight, I could see lighting flashes over the Tetons in Idaho. Mike and I decided to investigate and try to get some photos of the lightning. Once we got positioned, we could only see flashes in the clouds, no actual lightning bolts. We played around with taking long exposures for a while instead.

[ Teton Pass at night - 30s exposure...high ISO made it grainy ]

[ Fog lights ]

[ Thug life? ]

Early this morning I woke up to what must have been the same storm over Jackson. Rain was pounding on the roof and the lighting strikes were bright and insanely loud. I was half asleep and too tired to investigate, but it probably looked pretty cool.


Stefan Desis said...

Photoshopped. You can tell because the two guys in that picture are definitely not thugs!

Kerry said...


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