Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jimmy's Mom

Last night, I rode the trail Jimmy's Mom with Alex. It's another trail in Teton Pass that requires shuttling. This trail is known for it's freeride features; jumps, gaps, logrides, and berms. The trail starts just above the Phillips Canyon winter parking lot. There is a large gravel lot on the left side of the road to park in.

The trail head starts off with a small drop leading into a step-up onto a large boulder. There are a number of jumps along the top section with gaps ranging from 5 to about 25 feet. Most of the sharp corners have nice berms to carry speed through.

After the top section, there is a short climb before getting onto Old Pass Road. Take the road down around the sharp left-hand corner and the trail begins again on the right side. There is a log ride off the road. There is a short gap at the end of the log before the landing, so keep your speed.

Now you are on the power line jumps, a section with a couple of drops at the top leading into a field of dirt jumps. Most of the jumps allow the option to go big or small depending on which line you take.

From the bottom of the power line jumps, you can take the Crator Lake trail back down to the Old Pass Road. This trails starts off fairly rocky with roots, but once you cross the creek with the log ride, it is pretty smooth flying.

From the Old Pass Road parking lot, you can ride to the bottom of the pass and shuttle back up for another round, or have a beer and some mexican food at Picos.

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