Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Landing of Jackson Lake

Jake called me up to go camping in Grand Teton National Park the other evening. It was a last minute decision, but with the long daylight, it worked out well. We camped at the South Landing of Jackson Lake. It was the first really clear night we've had in weeks. The hike in to our site was pretty short; more like glorified car camping than anything else, but it was fun. The views were incredible. Julianne and I drove to the convienence store in Signal Mountain in the morning to pick up some breakfast materials. I think our never-ending spell of wet weather has finally vanished.

[ Evening light on the Tetons ]

[ Jake and Charlotte tending the fire ]

[ Cooking dinner ]

[ Julianne holding some sage to get rid of mosquitos ]

[ Sunset over Jackson Lake ]

[ Morning light ]

[ Mike smelling the flowers ]

[ Cookking breakfast ]

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