Friday, June 26, 2009

A great morning...

I woke up around 5 this morning when it started raining. At first I considered getting up while it was still dry to take down the tent and not deal with getting wet. After a moment of thought, I decided to go back to sleep and hopefully the rain would just pass over. Instead it started raining harder and harder.

I finally got up around 8 and took down camp quickly. I turned the car around and tried to leave the pull-out only to find that my car was high-centered on a rock. I was alone, so I spent the next miserable hour in the mud and pouring rain as I jacked up the rear end of my car to get it out of there.

[ Jacking up the benz ]

The entire time I was working on getting the car out, the puddles were getting deeper, the mud slicker, and I was getting soaked. It was not an easy task.

[ Once I got if off the rock and moving, I didn't let off the gas until I was on pavement ]

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