Friday, May 29, 2009

The real deal

I've already been out of my apartment for five weeks now and have been able to put Taunto to the test. It works well as a studio apartment and is actually pretty cozy, but as of this weekend, it will be the five of us living together and tenting it. My internet access will be limited to when I'm in the library or a coffee shop and my phone may be turned off more often to increase battery life.

So far, all of the skylights and the roof on Taunto have been sealed to keep out any water leaks. The water system has been tested, bleached, and flushed. We also learned how to dump the tanks. The only critical project we have left to do is to check the propane lines and test the system. Chances are that won't happen until after we're all settled though.

Our first destination this weekend will be Curtis Canyon. I don't think the RV will be going up the canyon road, but it should be a fun night of camping. The views of the Tetons from Curtis Canyon are great.

Weather in Jackson has been great. It's been consistently in the high 70's and low 80's. Last week was "Old West Days" here in town and the start of tourist season. There has been a noticeable increase in traffic downtown.

I've been trying to go on a short hike or mountain bike ride every day. I still have a lot of trails in the area to explore, but so far my favorite trails around town to ride are "Putt Putt" and "Sink or Swim". I might do some exploring and check out the trails in the pass tomorrow.

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