Monday, May 18, 2009

Joe's visit from CO

Joe came up to Jackson for the weekend from Colorado Springs. It was a quick two day visit, but we packed a lot in.

The bike swap at Fitzgerald's was on Saturday morning. I went there with the plan to find a cheap hardtail trail bike. Instead, I left with a beefy full-suspension. I bought a Kona Coiler Supreme. It has a 24-inch wheel set and a a Fox Vanilla fork... 6 and 6. It's a good size for me.

This bike is lighter and a lot easier to throw around than the Balfa was...not a full on downhill bike. It's still fairly heavy, but it's capable of climbing and it's incredibly fun on the downhills. Joe came to the swap with me hoping to sell a pair of rims, but instead purchased a Santa Cruz Bullit. It's a beast. We're pretty happy with the outcome.

[ Santa Cruz Bullit and the Kona Coiler Supreme ]

We were able to get out and do a lot during his short time here. We went on several bike rides, we went for a ski in the pass, and we climbed both High School Butte and Josie's Ridge. I'm learning that there is so much to do around here in the summer. There are dozens of bike trails to explore. So far I've only been on two; both are minutes from town.

The weather this weekend was great. It's been in the 70's and just in the last day or two, the leaves started to open up on the trees. Everything is turning green and even some wildflowers are starting to bloom.

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