Thursday, April 9, 2009

The off-season has begun

Sunday was closing day at Jackson Hole, followed by employee ski day on Monday. The total snowfall for the season ended up being 502 inches.

[ Julie, Me, Jacki - closing day ]

[ Me and Dana on Employee Ski Day ]

Once the resort closes here, it is off-season in Jackson. Pretty much everything shuts down until the beginning of May. It gets pretty quiet around town.

I'm still working in the rental shop sorting through inventory. It's pretty boring work, but it keeps me busy and it doesn't hurt making a few extra dollars. We've got a fun crew of about six which makes it better.

[ We moved hundreds of pairs of skis on Tuesday ]

[ Demo skis stacked at least 6 feet high ]

[ Yes, this is an elevator FULL of ski boots... ]

On the side, I've been working on getting the RV up and running. Jake and I are going through and replacing spark plugs, the fuel filter, the battery, and going over the electrical system. I got the CB radio working the other day and found out it has a built-in PA system. That will prove to be fun this summer.

[ Jake under Taunto ]

[ Jake checking out the starter ]

[ Lisa giving a helping hand ]

[ Lisa and Sarah with the parts ]

A few of us built a small jump up at Snow King yesterday for fun, but otherwise I haven't been skiing much this week. My body really needed a break. I think this weekend will include a good ski tour if the weather is decent.

[ Phil ]

[ Jacki ]

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