Saturday, April 4, 2009

No Name

I was planning on skiing easy today due to my aching body, but my co-workers convinced me otherwise. It is the second-to-last day after all. Alex, Colby, Will, and I decided to ski No Name. We took the tram to the top of the mountain at about 1:30 to start our adventure.

Our first leg of the trip was to boot pack up Cody. Will, Colby, and I skied Puckerface. Alex skiied Four Shadows. Puckerface is incredibly steep and fun to rip down, but the ride only lasts a few seconds.

[ Me skiing Puckerface while Colby watches from above - I'm the dot in the very center of the photo ]

[ Traversing out of Cody Bowl towards our next boot pack - Powder 8 ]

From Cody we hiked up Powder 8 and traversed around the back towards No Name Peak. After a short boot pack we were at the top of the face we wanted to ski. No Name was decent snow with a good pitch. Definitely a little more rewarding than Puckerface.

[ Top of Powder 8 - Will, Me, Colby looks toward our next run on No Name ]

[ No Name - We skied just to the left of the cliff band in the middle (below and to the right of the peak); Colby dropped the cliff band ]

[ Crossing the No Name traverse - We came over the ridge at the far right side of the photo ]

[ Me dropping into No Name ]

[ Will ]

Our original plan was to ski down Pinedale Canyon to get back to the resort, but we decided that after going as far as we had, we might as well do one more boot pack and ski No Name Canyon.

[ Looking North towards the resort before dropping into No Name Canyon ]

Our ski consisted of four boot packs, a traverse, and then a long traverse back in-bounds from No Name Canyon. We made it back in-bounds to the Union Pass lift at 4:30, barely before closing.

After skiing, I met up with the girls and downed a huge platter of nachos, a plate of sweet potato fries, and some beers. We then proceeded to make a quick stop at Dairy Queen for dessert. That was needed.

Photos contributed by Alex - I'm working on acquiring some in better quality

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