Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Night

Tonight is my last night living at the mansion, 565 Vine Street. The land of king sized beds, flat screen tvs, 2000 square feet of luxury, and next door neighbor Bill Briggs-- the first man to ski the Grand. It was a great way to spend my first winter in Jackson. Not exactly the rough life of a ski bum. Thanks Jan!

I've been loving the summer weather in Jackson. It's been blue skies and sunny for the last week. Most days have been getting into the mid-sixties. I can't complain.

I finished the last assignment of my online Political Science class this evening. Feels good to have another class out of the way. One step closer to getting the diploma.

Early tomorrow morning I'm headed to Tahoe with the girls. It will be about a 12 hour drive. It should be a fun trip with some good skiing. I'll post some photos when I return to Jackson!

[ Packing the Benz ]

[ Last day at 565 Vine ]

[ Big and Strong- these things are growing too fast for me to keep up with ]

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Jackie said...

Oh no! You can't leave the poor little sprouts unattended! Who will lovingly water them and make sure they get enough sunshine while you are gone??

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