Sunday, April 19, 2009

Building a Kicker in Phillips Canyon

Today a crew of us boot packed up Phillips Canyon to build a kicker. The snow was so wet and heavy that we had trouble navigating up the canyon. We spent about four hours hanging out in the sun and hitting the jump. Somehow I forgot my ski poles, so I played around on some "Big Mountain" Ski Blades instead of the skis. They were actually pretty fun.

[ Building the kicker ]

[ Adam ]

[ Hank ]

[ Phil ]

[ Adam watching from above ]

[ Jacki throwing some 360s ]

[ Headed up for another one ]

[ Brandon doing a huge spread eagle ]

[ Yeah...I'm on ski blades ]

[ Phil ]

Afterward, we all met up at Phil's house to barbecue. It was a solid day.

[ Grillin' ]

[ Phil works on his karate moves ]

[ I decided to join the fun ]

[ Adam on his skateboard ]

[ Jacki relaxing with the sunset ]

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