Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still dumping...

Last night was the concert for the mountain festival. Ozomatli played for a couple hours in a complete snow storm. Coming from LA, it was the first time one of the guys had ever seen snow. It was a fun night.

6am report: 11 inches since lifts closed yesterday
8am report: 16 inches since lifts closed yesterday
So far, we've gotten somewhere around 4 feet of snow this week

This morning I woke up at 6am to hop on the bus to the Village. I worked from 8-10 this morning before getting out to ski. With all this new snow plus the 21 inches from Thursday, skiing was insane. I spent my four hour ski break lapping Mario Land with Alex, Jacki, Sarah, and Brandon. It was like a playground...endless powder fields and rock pillows. We were getting first tracks on every run and didn't see anyone else out there until our very last run of the day. I had to head back into work from 2-5 this afternoon, but after a great day of skiing, I didn't even care.

[ Me, Alex, Sarah - making our way into Mario Land ]

[ Sending it off a rock ]

After work, Alex and I were so pumped up from the day that we wanted to ski more. We decided to head up to Teton Pass to hike Glory. While getting our gear together in the locker room, we collected two other guys from the rental shop that wanted to hike with us. We parked at the top of the pass and geared up at about 6pm to start hiking the 2000 or so vertical feet. Our gear was wet from skiing the resort earlier. I was warm hiking up, but once we reached the top and started to cool off, I was freezing. The run down was amazing though; no tracks and deep snow...seems to have been the theme of the day. It was probably one of my top runs on Glory.

[ Guess our co-workers found us on the teton pass webcam getting ready to hike up ]

[ Top of Glory ]

[ The cave ]

[ Relaxing before the ski down ]

I came home from the pass to eat some dinner and do a couple hours of homework. It was a long day with a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it all.

[ Ozomatli playing through the snow storm - Photo from JHMR website ]

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