Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lil Taunto

I am now a partial owner to a 1971 Custom Craft motorhome. Guess that means I'm a "homeowner" or something, right?

Jake, Lisa, Sarah, and I drove to Rigby, Idaho this morning to buy it. We spent the afternoon in Rigby working on legalizing our purchase by getting the title, registration, and insurance covered. Rigby seems like a horrible place to live.

[ Leaving town to Idaho. Yes, Lisa has a man on her mirror. ]

[ Cash Money ]

[ The girls decided that if we're living in an RV, we need to play the part. ]

[ Rigby, Idaho. The most beautiful place on earth. ]

[ The crew (minus Jacki): Me, Sarah, Jake, Lisa ]

[ Driving into Rigby to legalize our purchase ]

[ We literally ran out of gas as we were rolling into the gas station... ]

[ Fillin' up. We made quite the scene trying to maneuver the thing around. ]

[ New plates! ]

It was about a two hour drive home to Jackson. Jake and I decided to go the long way around Teton Pass. The thing is a beast and pretty scary to drive at high speeds. Jake and I liked that we could look behind us while driving to see our new living room. Can't beat a driving apartment!

[ On the road home ]

[ Relaxing in the passenger seat ]

[ Jake: "I feel like we're driving our living room" ]

[ Into the mountains ]

[ Group shot on the roof! ]

[ Almost home ]

The drive home was fine until we were close to town. It started to get dark and it was snowing hard. The windshield wipers did minimal wiping, making visibility poor. I couldn't see out the side windows or the mirror very well. The 25 foot motorhome seemed to enjoy fishtailing around corners.

[ Our home is home! ]

[ Jake rockin' my steeze while putting our new plates on ]

[ The girls ]

Jacki had to work all day, so she was unable to go on the adventure. We told her that we left it in Idaho due to the crazy snow storm so she was pretty disappointed. When she came home from work, she found the motorhome in her driveway. Jacki was happy.

[ Jacki was pumped to find Lil Taunto in her driveway ]

[ Puzzle time ]

[ The table is a map. We marked our hometowns and the first journey of Taunto. ]

[ Hanging out ]

We're pretty happy about our purchase. It's name is "Lil Taunto".

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