Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easy Livin'

As of next week, I (along with four others) will be the proud new owner of a 1971 motorhome. Jacki, Jake, and I drove to Rigby, Idaho last week to check it out.

Five of us will be camping out for the summer with the motorhome as our kitchen/livingroom/common area. It has a stove/oven, refrigerator, a table, plenty of seating, and it drives. Due to it's age, I don't think we will use the on-board water for consumption, but it will be nice for washing dishes and anything else like that. We will probably buy passes to the rec. center for showering. We plan on camping out with it from sometime in May through probably September. After splitting the cost to buy it, we will be paying less for the summer than I pay for one month's rent currently.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kerry---- I love your motorhome. It looks in great shape for an old timer. Better than this old timer!! Ha ha.
You should have a great summer but we miss you. You will be home for Christmas, won't you?
- Love, Grammy

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