Saturday, March 7, 2009

A day out of bounds

I had today off from work, so I got up early to head to the mountain. It had only been a week since my last day off, but it seemed even longer due to the avalanche course last weekend. The days in class were so long it might as well have been work. I arrived at the mountain just before opening and caught the second tram to the top. I was with Brandon, Eric, and Julie.

It was the best day of skiing we've had in a long time. We have received a decent amount of new snow over the last few days, temperatures were in the mid-20s, and it was blue skies and sunny.

Our first run was down Rock Springs. We went out the Lower Rock Springs gate. The snow was fairly tracked and I was hitting bottom in places, but it was still soft.

[ Brandon in Lower Rock Springs ]

[ Brandon & Julie ]

After Rock Springs, we went up the Apres Vous lift on the far side of the mountain and did a short side-step until we reached the gate into Granite Canyon. Granite Canyon is the valley behind the resort. It was my first time skiing into it. We hit the Spock Chutes. The snow was light and deep. The traverse out was long, but well worth it.

[ Eric in Spock Chutes ]

[ Julie in Spock Chutes ]

[ Brandon in the trees ]

[ Brandon ]

[ Me in Spock Chutes - Taken by Julie ]

[ Me in Spock Chutes - Taken by Julie ]

[ Eric sending it in Granite Canyon ]

[ Julie ]

[ Julie on the the traverse out of Granite ]

Julie left us after Granite Canyon because of knee problems. Eric, Brandon, and I took the tram back to the top. We had planned on hiking Cody Peak for our third run and from there heading over to the Powder 8 Slope, but the wind was blowing hard and it was cold. We figured it would be a miserable hike up the ridge. Instead, we decided to head to Pinedale Canyon. It felt good to redeem myself. I hadn't been back in the area since I hurt my ankle last month. We stayed along North-facing side of the valley and found some great snow to end the day.

[ Looking back at the Green River Traverse on the way to Pinedale Canyon ]

[ Two crazy sets of tracks coming down Break Neck...turns out it was from a couple guys I work with ]

[ Top of Four Pines - looking back towards the resort before dropping into Pinedale Canyon ]

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