Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunrise on Glory

This morning Jacki, her visiting friend Sam, and I wanted to hike Glory before work at noon. I had a rough start to the morning. I was going to wake up at 5am and pick Jacki and Sam up at about 5:45 so that we could be at Teton Pass by 6:30. I slept through my alarm and work up at 5:35. I was already flustered and then after my car failed to start, I realized that a connector in my coolant hoses was broken. I had a pretty bad start to the morning.

Jacki saved the day by driving us. We were a little behind schedule, but still managed to get to the pass by about 7am, about 20 minutes before sunrise. It was amazing to watch the sun come up over the valley. We reached the top around 8:20. Surprisingly, my ankle felt pretty good the entire way up.

Skiing down was great. We chose to head down in the Shovel Slide area. The very top was hard and wind blown, but once we dropped off the ridge, it was soft and pretty consistent. The ski down is never long enough, but it was a great way to start off the day.

We made it back to town by about 10. Just enough time to shower, eat, and hop on the Red Line to the village.

[ Sunrise ]

[ Sam reaching the top ]

[ The valley ]

[ Jacki at the top ]

[ Good morning! ]

[ Classic jump photos ]

[ Me & Sam ]

[ Me ]

[ My turn...and some random dog ]

[ Sam didn't do as well ]

[ Jacki & Sam gearing up...and some dude with the random dog ]

[ Getting ready to send it ]

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