Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want to be out skiing

I've only skied once since my Pinedale Canyon experience last Wednesday. I took about three easy runs on Sunday, but my ankle wasn't enjoying it. I haven't been to the clinic, but I might stop by tomorrow. I think I probably sprained my right ankle. My left ankle still hurts a little too. We're getting the first good snow storm in almost six weeks so I'm kind of bummed that I'm not out in the snow. It's probably not worth the chance of hurting myself more though. I might try to go out for a little easy skiing tomorrow.

On a good note, I've been really productive today. Finally got around to bringing the Benz to the shop to get the radiator replaced. I haven't really been able to drive it since before Christmas, so I'm looking forward to having it back on the road. I also stopped in the village to get my boots worked on. I got some heel wraps installed so hopefully my ankles won't have room to play anymore.

[ Gettin' towed ]

[ Leaving the benz at the shop ]

No plans for the rest of the afternoon, but I think I'll put some time into contacting engineering firms about summer employment here in Jackson.

A few photos from last week...

[ Dana saying hi to mom ]

[ Can't ski...might as well lounge out in the sun with Julie at the top of the gondi ]

[ Snacks ]

[ Dana came up to join us ]

[ Last week was the JHMR Employee Olympics - Zac mentally preparing to kill it in the cardboard derby. The rental shop obviously won. ]

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