Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I couldn't resist

JHMR received 13 inches of new snow in the last 24 was the first real powder day we've had since the beginning of January. My ankle was hurting a little on my way to the mountain, but I couldn't resist. I had to go skiing.

Sarah and Jacki picked me and Dana up around 8am and we carpooled to the mountain. Due to large tram and gondola lines, we made a lap in Saratoga Bowl first so the lines could die down. My ankle wasn't feeling too hot, but it wasn't bad enough that I wanted to quit. From Saratoga Bowl, we hit up the Gondola and worked our way up to the Expert Chutes. I was trying my best to take it easy and not ski hard, but that proved to be difficult. After Expert Chutes we made a couple out of bounds laps in Rock Springs. The snow was better on each run and Rock Springs proved to be the the best snow of the day. Mostly untracked and knee deep. It was so good that we decided to take the tram up and make another lap through Rock Springs before calling it a day. We were all so excited about the snow that none of us wanted to stop to take photos...sorry, nothing to show today!

Dana and I were only going to ski for a couple hours in the morning, but we ended up going until 1pm. The snow was too good and my ankle started feeling better as the day went on. It actually feels better now than it did before skiing. The new heel wraps in my boots definitely kept my ankles in place better than before.

I got a call from the shop today telling me that the new radiator had been delivered and was already installed in my car. I was surprised at how quickly they got the work done. Yesterday they told me that they probably won't even look at the car until today. The radiator ended up costing less than the original estimate, but they discovered that I also need a new water pump which will bring the cost up a little. I'm assuming the water pump is where my problems originated. The Benz should be back on the road by Friday!

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