Tuesday, February 10, 2009

27 hour road trip

Jacki and Julie picked me up at 9 last night. We left Jackson at about 9:30pm after making a quick detour to the Village to pick up equipment.

[ The crew getting on the road at 9:30 - Jacki, Me, Julie ]

[ Me ]

[ Jacki ]

[ Julie ]

After driving through the night in crazy snow storms, we finally made it to Salt Lake City. We filled up on gas and continued up Little Cottonwood Canyon before the road closed for avalanche control. We made it to the base of Alta at about 4am and crashed in the car.

[ It was snowing hard the entire way to Salt Lake City ]

[ Fillin' up at 7 Eleven in SLC at 3:30am ]

[ Bed time! ]

We were woken up at 6:45 by a loud siren warning for bombing. This is when we realized that "interlodge" was in effect. Everybody must be inside a building and all doors are locked to prevent people from going outside. It was too late for us to leave the car so we hunkered down for about an hour until it was over.

[ Waking up ]

[ Can't see much out the windows ]

[ Let's go skiing! ]

[ I think it snowed a little... ]

[ Excited ]

[ Breakfast? ]

[ Gearing up ]

Today was epic. Snow was knee to thigh deep everywhere and over-the-head blower. We saw a good amount of blue skies and sunshine. I had never skied Alta before. It was a great mountain and a cool place to visit, but I don't think I would want to live in Salt Lake City. I'm happy in Jackson.

[ Photo shoot - Jacki, Sarah, Julie ]

[ Jacki - spraying snow ]

[ Shot 2 ]

[ Julie - all you can see are her hand and black helmet ]

[ "come towards me and ride off that mound. that wasn't quite what i had in mind..." -Julie (after i went mached straight down the line) ]

[ Me - coming through the trees ]

[ Me - whiteroom ]

[ bluebird powder day ]

[ Only in Alta... ]

We skiied all day and then had an incredible sushi dinner at Naked Fish in Salt Lake City before making the drive back to Jackson.

Approximate time breakdown of our trip:
12 hours driving
3 hours sleeping in a cold car
1 hour stuck in car during interlodge
1 hours gearing up/down
7 hours skiing
2 hours breakfast/dinner
= 27 hours total

* Julie took most of the photos with the exception of a couple from myself and Jacki.

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