Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mini Park

This afternoon Jacki and I played around in the mini park for a while. The snow is a little crusty and it was warm and sunny it was pretty much the perfect day for it. We're trying to learn 360s on the little jumps. We also messed around with a small rainbow box, a couple rails, and practiced tail-tapping a barrel. I'm not very good at park, so it's fun to learn.

Yesterday Sean hit a rock on a traverse and landed on his butt pretty hard. He ended up getting taken down on a sled and had to get x-rays in the clinic. Looks like he's fine, but he's taking a day or two off to recover.

We're not having the best of luck with the Clinic/ER. Dana took a visit on Christmas Day...Caroline on New Years...and Sean yesterday. We're hoping this isn't a continuing trend.

Sean shipped me out a new snowboard and it arrived at the house yesterday. I'm pretty excited. I need to use boots from the rental shop, but I think I might try and get going on it either tomorrow or Friday. I haven't snowboarded in probably six years, so it should be interesting.

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