Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 14

I've skied or snowboarded everyday for the last two weeks straight. I'm on a roll. We've had a streak of high pressure, so it's been close to two weeks since we've had snow...hopefully that will change this weekend. It's been warm and sunny pretty much every day, especially at the top of the mountain due to an inversion. It's been around 20 degrees at the base and probably around 40 degrees at the summit. I really want some fresh snow, but I guess I can't complain about sunshine.

Yesterday I spent the morning snowboarding by myself. I'm feeling pretty confident on the board again so I was lapping groomers off the Sublette Quad. I took some photos on the old point and shoot and listened to music on my ipod. It was peaceful.

I snowboarded again today for just a couple of hours. I met up with Mike and Jacki. Jacki took a lesson yesterday and was killing it today. She's pumped on learning to snowboard. This afternoon on the bus ride home I met a lady who does interpreting here in Jackson. I guess she is fluent in four languages and does simultaneous interpreting. She translates word for word at the same time as the person (that she is translating) is talking. She has to listen and talk at the same time...pretty crazy. I was telling her that I'm trying to refresh my Spanish vocabulary for traveling and passing the CLEP exams. I guess she is looking at starting some evening language classes, so I might try and take advantage of that.

Most of the photos are from my solo adventure yesterday. One of these days I'll stop being lazy and I'll actually take out my DSLR to get some nice photos.

[ Riding the START bus with Mike the busdriver ]

[ Looking out the window ]

[ On the tram ]

[ Almost at the top; Corbets Coulior (on the left) ]

[ Clouds in the valley ]

[ Passing the Alta Chutes on the Sublette Quad ]

[ Looking towards Thunder ]

[ Cody Peak ]

[ The family headed to Bluegrass Tuesday at the Wort ]

[ Jacki shredding on a snowboard ]

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