Friday, December 12, 2008

We have a Christmas Tree!

Today was a good day. Dana and I had work at 8. After getting only four hours of sleep, the start of the morning was a little rough, but we survived. Work today was somewhat entertaining. We had a couple of guys from West Hollywood that pretty much fit the classic profile. There was a family from Mexico City with a couple of cute little kids that couldn't really speak English. That was slightly difficult. I also fit a guy that was 6'9" tall. Luckily he was just learning to ski...our longest rental skis only went to his chest. He was 15 inches taller than me...I felt tiny. Today was the first day that we worked our full hours. It seems like almost every day our hours get cut back due to slow business.

[ Where are we going? ]

[ Car ride! ]

After work today we picked up a tree cutting permit. Sarah took us out in her Subaru so that we could tie it to the roof. We drove North of Jackson to Gros Ventra Road. After tramping through the bushes for a while, we found a pretty nice tree.

[ Grand Teton ]

[ Wild Beast ]

[ In search of a tree ]

[ Stream ]

[ Loading up ]

This evening we worked on decorating the tree and cutting out paper snowflakes. We're pretty excited!

[ The bro-sitters ]

[ Cutting paper snow flakes ]

[ Ornaments ]

[ Decorating the tree ]

[ Our Christmas Tree! ]

Dinner tonight: Homemade Pizza

Forecast for the weekend: SNOW!!!

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JR's Thumbprints said...

A Christmas Tree isn't a Christmas Tree unless it's real. If it weren't for my wife's allergies, I'd cut one down myself.

Good luck with your adventures.

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