Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thunder is open!

I went to the mountain today with Dana, our next-door neighbor AJ, and Corinna, another UVM engineer.

JHMR opened the Thunder Quad today! It was snowing hard all morning and everything was untracked due to that part of the mountain being closed previously. We pretty much lapped Thunder all day with the exception of a few trips up the Gondola and Casper Chair.

The snow was light and fluffy and easily above the knees. It's getting deep enough that I was able to ski in the trees and play on rock pillows.

I was on my new Line Anthems which I'm learning are pretty bad in powder. They are park skis, so they are shorter than what I normally ride and center mounted. I've been putting off getting my EP Pros mounted, but with all the new snow coming, I think I should get on that. Maybe tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon working on last minute Christmas shopping and running errands around town with Brandon and Mike.

Dinner tonight: Oven roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies!

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