Monday, December 22, 2008


I had work this morning at 7:45. The bus ride into the village was an adventure itself. I think we were the only bus on the Red Line route that didn't get stuck. Teton Pass was closed this morning for avalanche control making the start of the day a little hectic. All of the shop managers and our supervisor live in Victor, Idaho...meaning they have to cross the pass every morning for work. They didn't make it in until about 9:30, but the five of us in the shop were able to keep everything going.

It was hard to be in the rental shop watching everybody getting out for first tracks. I worked until about 2:00, an hour past my shift was supposed to end, before getting out to enjoy the snow myself. Dana and I were still able to find plenty of snow before the lifts closed. It was deep enough that it was blowing up and over my shoulders on every turn. I can't complain. Is this what they call living the dream?

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