Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Hike Up Snow King

I'm pretty happy that I can walk out my front door to a ~2,000 foot mountain. Snow King isn't huge, but it makes it easy to go on a little hike. It's literally across the street from us.

Dana and I hiked up the access road to the radio towers (elevation 8,008 ft). We're realizing that going from sea level to 6,000 something feet really does a number on your athletic ability. We took our time.

It was all good weather and great views.

[ Hiking up Snow King ]

[ Chair Lift ]

[ Thin Cover? Must be a joke... ]

[ Looking West ]

[ At the top ]

[ Taking a rest stop on the way down ]

We saw a deer in front of our house this evening. We also had a great sunset.

[ Sunset from my bedroom window ]


Dan said...

Hey Kerry,
What a great place to live! You are going to have a blast! I've been enjoying your blog - it's a fun way to share. Take care.

Kerry said...

glad you're enjoying it!

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