Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Granite Falls

Dana and I didn't have work until 6:30 this evening and Mike is still in search of a job. We decided to take the afternoon and go on an adventure to the hot springs at Granite Falls. Granite Falls is about 35 miles South of Jackson and 10 miles down a bumpy dirt road. We had to stop and ask a for directions a couple of times, but we found the place without too much trouble.

[ Adventure time! ]

[ Through the canyon ]

[ Checking out the Snake River on our way by ]

[ The family ]

We didn't really know what to expect, but it turned out to be really cool. It was a short walk from the car down to the falls. As we walked down the path, it started snowing. We could see the steam from the hot springs on the far side of the river.

[ Walking to the falls...notice the amount of snow ]

[ Myself and Dana ]

[ Mike ]

[ Granite Falls ]

Getting there was tricky. We had to take off our shoes and wade through the freezing water. It was probably barely above 32 degrees. The hot spring water was relaxing and felt great, but it smelled like sulfer. We met another Jackson Hole employee. He drives one of the groomers.

[ Across the river ]

[ Hot springs! ]

[ Mike, Dana, Me ]

We didn't really think ahead about getting back across the river. It was COLD, especially after being in a warm pool. I don't know how Dana got across as fast as she did.

[ Freezing!!! ]

[ It snowed a lot! ]

[ Bringing Alaska style to Wyoming ]

[ A good adventure... ]

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