Friday, December 26, 2008

A funny dilema

I've been using my tiny avalanche shovel to clear the steps and walkway lately. I decided that it would probably be worth my while to use the full size snow shovel.

The snow shovel and my snow boots were in the trunk of my car. To access the trunk of my car I had to dig a path and get the snow off the trunk. To open the trunk I had to start the car. To start the car I had to plug the car in and clear off the drivers door.

[ Step 1: Planning ahead - plug in the car ]

[ Step 2: Digging a path to the driver's door and starting the car ]

[ Step 3: Clearing off and opening the trunk to access snow boots and snow shovel...these would have been nice to have to begin with!! ]

It was quite the process...I think I'll save digging the rest of the car out for this weekend.

Tonight we are going to the Cowboy Bar to hang out and play some pool.

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