Sunday, November 2, 2008

Solo Tour Up Marmot

Finally got the new rig registered and insured, so I took it up to the mountains today. With most of my friends living out of the state, it's been hard to find people to ski with so I went on another solo tour; this time up Marmot. It was another beautiful weekend afternoon. Skiing alone can be peaceful. It can also be frustrating to be looking at everything I want to ski, but can't. I tend to play it safe and stay off the steeps and stick to the lower angled slopes when I'm by myself. There hasn't been any new snow since last week, so there were a lot of tracks and a little bit of a crust. After the last two weekends, it was hard to call it great, but it was still nice to get out and enjoy the mountains and the good weather.

[ Self-Portrait at the top]

[Looking towards the pass]

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Anonymous said...

It is a new adventure. Have a blast!!!

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