Friday, November 21, 2008

A Fresh New Start

I recently purchased a 1983 Mercedes 240D. It’s old, but it runs well and it has character. It's a classic. I’ve outfitted it with a ski box, some extra lights, and a usb port for my ipod to make it the perfect ski rig. Soon I’ll be putting it to the true test.

[ My rig - 1983 Mercedes 240D ]

I think I have a lot of opportunities for change in my life right now. Last week, my girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me. While I feel completely crushed at the moment, our relationship was a long, stressful roller coaster at times and maybe this will for the better. Sometimes I think I try too hard to please other people and I think I'm going to realize that maybe this is the right thing for me at the moment. I quit my engineering job in Anchorage and yesterday was my final day. I feel relieved to say the put it in perspective, my job reminded me of the movie Office Space. No more cubicles, no more paperwork, no more commuting.

With all this behind me, it's time to move on and find something new for myself. Tomorrow morning I will be leaving my small hometown of Palmer, Alaska to start on a 3,300 mile journey. I’ve decided to follow my dreams of skiing every day.

This is where my real adventure begins. This will be a fresh new start.

Destination: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

My Route:
A: Palmer, Alaska
B: Portland, Oregon
C: Jackson, Wyoming
Total Driving Distance: ~3,300 Miles

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