Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 8 - Boise, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming

9 Days (8 driving), 3,712 miles, and 16 mountain pass crossings later, I am finally in Jackson, Wyoming.

[ Idaho ]

[ The top of Teton Pass...finally there ]

[ Heading down the pass towards Jackson ]

Dana and I rolled into Jackson this afternoon. Most of the day was similar to yesterday; all major highways until the last 75 or so miles. It was snowing lightly in Teton Pass, but the road was plowed and all went smoothly. Once we hit the top of the pass, we were both full of excitement. There isn't much snow here yet, but I have my hopes up that it will come soon. We met up with our third roomate, Mike and moved into our condo. It is amazing. We are still in shock that it is actually our home for the next five months.

[ We're home! ]

[ Entry way ]

[ Living room ]

[ Upstairs - two queens and a king ]

[ Kitchen ]

[ The family hard at work - Me, Dana, Mike, and the Elk]

The car is very dirty and a little beat up, but it never let me down once. It proves to be very reliable. Both of the fog lights are cracked and one of the headlights, so I have some work to do. I also got a couple of dings in the windshield, but otherwise, all is good. All of these were from rocks getting kicked up by the trucks.

The trip was an amazing experience. I'm looking forward to a winter in Jackson, Wyoming.

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