Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 7 - Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho

It was nice to have a day off from driving yesterday. Somehow I still managed to log 150 miles though. My father and I spent the day exploring Portland. I dropped him off at the airport in the evening and then visited my long time friend, Jason who just moved to the area. I also picked up Dana from the airport last night.

[ Had to put clear tape temporarily over 3 cracked lights ]

[ Exploring Portland ]

[ End of the trip dinner with my father ]

Today Dana and I drove to Boise. It was a long day, especially being the only driver (we were each in our own vehicle). Eastern Oregon is pretty much all desert-like. We saw tumbleweeds, tree farms, dams, and lots of wind turbines. I think that tells you how exciting it was. Dana's car pretty much lost the Mercedes on every long uphill...although it is 23 years younger. It gets a little more frustrating going slow when there is actual traffic. Aside from the hills, it held it's speed surprisingly well.

[ Eastern Oregon is exciting ]

[ Lunch break with Dana ]

[ Dana thought it would be fun to chase the birds ]

We stopped for lunch in Arlington, population 524. It was about 60 degrees out. A HUGE change from the weekend. I think the highlight of our day was stopping at the Pheasent Grill. One of the specials was called "Pheasant Droppings". We didn't go for it.

[ The Pheasent Grill ]

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