Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 5 - Quesnel, British Columbia to Squamish, British Columbia

After yesterday being rather uneventful and boring, we decided to change our drive from the planned route. Instead of going straight South, we decided to take the Sea to Sky highway through the mountains past Whistler and down the Pacific coast. The Sea to Sky highway is a narrow, winding road with hairpin corners and some 14 percent grade climbs and descents. Much of it was without any sort of guardrails or barriers.

[ My father ]

The first couple of hours was pretty boring... all farm fields and rolling hills similar to yesterday. Once we got off the main highway and onto the Sea to Sky Highway, it all got better. It started out climbing through a canyon with huge limestone cliffs.

[ Rolling hills and farmland ]

[ We encountered a hay fire ]

Once through the first pass, we came out into the Fraser River Canyon. This area is wide and open. The semi-desert landscape reminded me of Nevada. We saw a couple of real cowboys driving a herd of horses up the canyon.

[ Entering the Fraser River Canyon ]

[ Scenic. Who would have guessed? ]

[ Are those horses coming up the road? ]

[ There were about 20 total ]

[ Shoulda been a cowboy ]

Eventually we left the Frasier River and started up another mountain pass. There were a number of small single lane wooden bridges that led into a several mile steep, twisty climb. I had to put the car down into second gear to keep any speed. Once over the top, the decent was just as steep as the climb. There were a number of logging roads visible zig-zagging up the mountains. These roads looked steeper and more treacherous than the road we were on. I couldn't imagine taking a logging rig up anything like that.

[ Top of the first big climb ]

[ Duffy Lake log jam ]

[ Trying to catch the sunset ]

Once through the mountains we followed the valley down past Whistler and continued down to Squamish. We stayed at a little Inn that oddly had no phone or clock in the room.

[ Group Shot ]

Adding to Canada's claim to fame list, we passed the World's Largest Skis and the World's Largest Goldpan...again!

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