Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 4 - Fort St. John, British Columbia to Quesnel, British Columbia

We slept in this morning and took our time getting back on the road. Today’s drive was a combination of farmland and mountains. We drove 370 miles today. Overall, today was pretty mellow and very uneventful. I didn’t even take many photos, which is rare for me. There was more traffic, warmer temperatures, and very sloppy roads due to the warm weather. It was in the low 30's. Originally our plan was to stop in Prince George, but we decided to pass through and continue onward to Quesnel.

[ The roads were sloppy ]

So far, Fort St. John had the cheapest diesel we have seen yet. It was more than 60 cents less per liter than in the mountains yesterday. Keep in mind that there are about 4 liters in a gallon! I’ve been keeping pretty good track of my fuel consumption and have found that my car gets an average of just over 26 miles per gallon with the ski box. Not too bad. I’ve been impressed with how reliable it’s been. The only issue I’ve had with the car is getting it started in the cold. It’s pretty sensitive, but as long as it can be plugged in, there are no problems.

[ I liked this wall ]

The first leg of our drive was to Dawson Creek. This town is mile zero of the Alaska Highway. This section of highway was mostly rolling hills with farm land and some oil patches. At one point we had to take a detour due to a rolled semi truck. We saw a minivan with it’s four-ways on going in reverse down a hill (in the same direction as traffic) on the edge of the highway. It was an odd sight…my only guess is that no other gears worked.

[ Mile zero of the Alaska Highway ]

[ An ally in Dawson Creek ]

[ This guy had quite the truck...he didn't look too happy though ]

We ate some lunch and took a quick walk around Dawson Creek before continuing South to Prince George. This part of the trip put us back into the Rockies. It started snowing pretty hard for a short period, but it didn’t last long. We saw another semi that had gone off the road. Once we were through the mountain pass, we were back in clear skies to see the sunset.

[ In the Canadian Rockies once again ]

[ Can't say I'd be happy... ]

[ Clear skies again ]

On a side note, Canada loves taking claim to large objects. So far, we have passed The World's Largest Golf Ball, The World's Largest Gold Pan, The World's Largest Weather Vane, and The World's Largest Glass Beehive...strange right?

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